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Player's Name:


Characters Played Here:

I play Malcolm Meryln here


Tony Stark


Marvel Cinematic Universe

From When?

Just post Captain America Civil War

Previous Game(s):


World Description: (Original Characters Only)



Does your character have any close ties to existing canon characters?

Steve Rogers is his former teammate and friend and the player is aware I’m bringing Tony in.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?

Tony is a people person by nature. He needs to feel as though he is worth people getting to know. After the events of Civil War, he is going to feel as though he needs to prove himself to the people of New Dodge and he is going to work hard to make friends and gain influence.

He did not willingly accept the offer and while he will rail at being pulled away from his remaining friends, Tony will do what he needs to do to settle in and work hard so that he can be sent home. He will also find the technology of New Dodge fascinating, so over all he will be open to settling in New Dodge even though he’ll long to go home so he can fix things.

How do you plan to expand their CR?

Tony will be coming in upset but resigned to being stuck in New Dodge. He is going to work on repairing his relationship with Steve Rogers and by extension Wanda Maximoff. He will also be meeting and connecting with Emily as they bond over new technology and other scientific ideas. He will also be settling in to having his wealth taken away and having to work for his acres of land that he isn’t sure that he really wants.

What will your character do for work?

I am hoping that Tony will be able to work at the docks as a mechanic


Tony will be coming in wearing a cloth suit and with an old fashioned flip phone in one hand.


Third-Person Sample:

Tony stared at the lift engine with a dark frown on his face. The fucking thing wasn’t turning over and Mercy wanted it fixed as soon as he could make it happen. But for the life of him, Tony couldn’t figure out what was causing the issue. He muttered a few unsavory things under his breath and tossed his wrench down on the floor in frustration.

With a loud clang, the wrench bounced off the floor and hit a piece of metal nearby. The sound was familiar and for a moment Tony is transported back to Siberia and he can see Steve above him ready to bring his shield down on Tony’s arc reactor. For a moment Tony is frozen in time watching himself and wanting to warn himself about what was going to happen, but knowing he can’t. All he can do is watch his own terrified face and hope this isn’t going to turn out like his nightmares.

The real Tony can’t move, can’t breathe as he is gripped by the panic of his memory. He’s sure his hands are shaking, that some part of him was moving, but he can’t sense it. The memory plays out like it always does, with Steve dropping his shield on the floor and helping Bucky walk away. Tony wanted to scream, to beg Steve not to leave him. He wants to beg Eli to take him at that moment and not later when he had to read that stupid letter and look at that phone he still had even though he wanted nothing to do with it.

Finally, the memory ends and Tony is released from the grip of his ever present panic, a shaking, puking mess. He stands up once he’s done losing his lunch and walks over to sip water from a nearby hose. Episodes like this scared him, made him wish Rhodey or someone he trusted was around and could help him figure out how to live with Steve Rogers without wanting to scream, because he was pretty dam sure the people running this place were having a good old laugh at Tony Stark’s mental state.

First-Person Sample:

Dear Steve,

Got your letter today. A flip phone seriously? Just when I think you’ve hit the limit of grandpa style actions you go and do something like this. Yeah I know untraceable and all that, but still that’s old even for you.

As for the letter itself I really want to say fuck you and burn it, but I figured maybe an answer was better than just ignoring you so here it goes.

This is not an apology Rogers, this is you basically asking me to absolve you and I’m not going to do that. You screwed up and so did I. You should have told me about my parents and I should have tried talking to you more, tried to work things out. But I didn’t and you didn’t and we are both screwed.

I can hear you asking if I’m ever going to be able to forgive you and the honest answer is I don’t know. Your friend killed my mom, I understand that he might not have had control over his actions, but the fact of the matter is he still did it and you covered up what you knew about it. That hurts me deeper then you know. I lost my parents because of him and I can’t ever get them back.

Maybe with time I might be able to do it, but not now. I understand your actions then and I understand mine. I just hope that the world gives us the time we need to come back together. Being a superhero you never really know. So for now it’s goodbye and maybe we’ll see each again someday.

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Tony Stark may have lost everything, but he still knew how to make an entrance. He blew into the Central City Police Department like he owned it and walked purposefully through the bullpen. He waved off the captain...Sing or something like that, when he came out of his office. Tony was here to talk to one particular cop. He stopped in front of said cop's desk and grinned at him all charm and flash. "Joe West," he asked, "Tony Stark. I think we need to talk."  
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Age: 35
Time Zone: Central

Character Information

Name: Anthony "Tony" Stark 
Canon: MCU
Canon Point: Directly post Captain America: Civil War
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Character Build:


1. Charming
2. Egotistical
3. Brave
4. Reckless
5. Stubborn
6. Intelligent
7. Wary 
8. Selfless
9. Loyal


Abilities using the Iron Man Suits: Enhanced strength and speed. Remote control over all Iron Man suits using nanties located in his blood stream. To be clear the robots in Tony's blood only affect Iron Man/Stark tech and will not affect any other tech in game what so ever.  He can also access any physical information from his opponents using his AI Friday as well as access any computer terminals the suit may be nearest to.

Abilities without using the Iron Man suits: Technical and scientific genius. Master orator, master business man

Additional Note: Tony will be arriving in the shattered Iron Man suit he was wearing at the end of Captain America Civil War. He will fix it eventually but it is not a functioning suit at the time of his arrival.

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player info

Username: Jackie
Rules and Conditions: I agree with the rules and conditions whole heartedly

character application info

basic info

Name: Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark 
Age: 38
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe



Tony Stark is a genius on par with Steve Jobs though Tony would consider Mr. Jobs and anything Apple created subpar or out of date as soon as it hits the stores. He is proud of both his work with the Avengers and at Stark Industries and enjoys spending hours and days creating in his lab trying to think of new technology to make the world a better place. He is a very social creature as well, playing as hard as he works. He makes new friends easily and keeps those friends, he doesn't annoy to death with his antics, for life. He loves and feels his most settled in the limelight happily playing spokesperson for the Avengers where Steve Rogers would rather lead behind the scenes rather than in front of a camera. 

His social nature makes Tony very charismatic and charming able to draw people like Bruce Banner out of their shells and into real life. He knows when to encourage a friend and most of the time he also knows when to back off. He is good at using his sharp sense of humor to defuse a situation and while he also uses humor to hide, Tony more often then not knows when to be serious and when to joke around and his use of humor helps the people around him loosen up and relax. 

Tony is very good at reading people when he is able to take a step back and close his mouth long enough to observe someone. When a situation calls for it Tony can assess a situation using his technical knowledge and formulate a plan. However, this does not mean Tony is a natural leader, he knows he's not. You can clearly see him defer to Steve Rogers in the Avengers when he realizes Cap is cooler under pressure then Tony himself. His "call it Cap" is his respectful realization that Cap should be the one in charge and Tony knows it. He is as good at following others as he is at leading them himself.  When 

Flaws: Tony is stubborn to a fault. He won't back down even when he knows he's wrong and he's willing to risk a fight with a friend in order to stick to his guns. And for all his mental intelligence, Tony has very little emotional intelligence. He isn't quite sure how to read people and that tends to make people think he is selfish and cruel, when in reality Tony is a loyal friend and passionate lover once you get to know him.

Tony has terrible PTSD and rather than deal with it he hides the fact that he is struggling. He doesn't want to burden anyone with his issues and finds it easier to hide rather than admit he needs help. You can see this at play when Tony is almost forced to admit that he and Pepper Potts have ended their relationship. Steve almost has to drag it out of him and only by wrongly assuming that Pepper is pregnant.

Tony's biggest weakness is his ego, because he has been raised to think he is above everyone else and been praised for his work, Tony believes that he can do no wrong. This can lead to problem as when he revealed his home address to the Mandarin on national TV.  Despite knowing doing so would lead to trouble for himself and Pepper, Tony made the move anyway. In tense situations, Tony is more likely to think with his heart first rather than his head.


game plans

Starting Faction: Warlord



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