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Username: Jackie
Rules and Conditions: I agree with the rules and conditions whole heartedly

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basic info

Name: Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark 
Age: 38
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe



Tony Stark is a genius on par with Steve Jobs though Tony would consider Mr. Jobs and anything Apple created subpar or out of date as soon as it hits the stores. He is proud of both his work with the Avengers and at Stark Industries and enjoys spending hours and days creating in his lab trying to think of new technology to make the world a better place. He is a very social creature as well, playing as hard as he works. He makes new friends easily and keeps those friends, he doesn't annoy to death with his antics, for life. He loves and feels his most settled in the limelight happily playing spokesperson for the Avengers where Steve Rogers would rather lead behind the scenes rather than in front of a camera. 

His social nature makes Tony very charismatic and charming able to draw people like Bruce Banner out of their shells and into real life. He knows when to encourage a friend and most of the time he also knows when to back off. He is good at using his sharp sense of humor to defuse a situation and while he also uses humor to hide, Tony more often then not knows when to be serious and when to joke around and his use of humor helps the people around him loosen up and relax. 

Tony is very good at reading people when he is able to take a step back and close his mouth long enough to observe someone. When a situation calls for it Tony can assess a situation using his technical knowledge and formulate a plan. However, this does not mean Tony is a natural leader, he knows he's not. You can clearly see him defer to Steve Rogers in the Avengers when he realizes Cap is cooler under pressure then Tony himself. His "call it Cap" is his respectful realization that Cap should be the one in charge and Tony knows it. He is as good at following others as he is at leading them himself.  When 

Flaws: Tony is stubborn to a fault. He won't back down even when he knows he's wrong and he's willing to risk a fight with a friend in order to stick to his guns. And for all his mental intelligence, Tony has very little emotional intelligence. He isn't quite sure how to read people and that tends to make people think he is selfish and cruel, when in reality Tony is a loyal friend and passionate lover once you get to know him.

Tony has terrible PTSD and rather than deal with it he hides the fact that he is struggling. He doesn't want to burden anyone with his issues and finds it easier to hide rather than admit he needs help. You can see this at play when Tony is almost forced to admit that he and Pepper Potts have ended their relationship. Steve almost has to drag it out of him and only by wrongly assuming that Pepper is pregnant.

Tony's biggest weakness is his ego, because he has been raised to think he is above everyone else and been praised for his work, Tony believes that he can do no wrong. This can lead to problem as when he revealed his home address to the Mandarin on national TV.  Despite knowing doing so would lead to trouble for himself and Pepper, Tony made the move anyway. In tense situations, Tony is more likely to think with his heart first rather than his head.


game plans

Starting Faction: Warlord


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